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M3 is your QUALITY LOCAL Glassboard manufacturer.

M3 has been manufacturing glass for 67 years.


Fōmcore knows the smallest details make the biggest difference. Fōmcore is your go-to soft seating manufacturer.

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or a product that almost works, BOLD COLLABORATIVE can design and make what you need. Their experience with mixed materials and manufacturing expertise deliver exactly what’s needed for financial, healthcare, education, retail, and office environments.


Greenmood offers naturally preserved plant products combining aesthetics and acoustical absorbance. 


JVA Art Group is dedicated to your creating personal artistic vision.


Uhuru Design is a Brooklyn-based New American furniture design firm specializing in bespoke residential and high-end commercial furniture. As leaders of New American Design, they are committed to the sustainable fabrication of exceptional quality furniture, one piece at a time.

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