Trey and Brittany founded Dynamic North in 2020. It was the year that everyone had to rethink things . . . when creativity and grit rose to the top. That is precisely how Dynamic North was born. Maribel joined the team shortly after in 2021. This company will elevate your design way north of center by bringing to light dynamic solutions from quality manufacturers.






Trey Harris began his contract market career 18 years ago.  Whether supporting architects and designers, or assisting dealers with their clients' needs, Trey always brings that extra something. Creativity.  Energy.  Humor?  He definitely takes himself a lot less seriously than he takes his work.  And his skills at maintaining long-term client relationships may only be eclipsed by his innovative approach to marketing.  Regardless, Trey is always a trusted resource for A&D, dealers and end users alike. 

Brittany Giles has a BFA in Interior Design, and has worked 12 years in the design & construction industry helping add valuable insight into the latest trends, technology and products. She has a proven track record of excellent business development, improving brand awareness, and has showcased to be a strong resource for architects, designers, dealers and construction. Her goal is always to help everyone achieve their goals, and believes this always happens with innovative and dynamic collaboration. Design & construction is always evolving, and it’s her goal that she is here to give all the resources needed for you to keep evolving with it.




Maribel Gomez has an AAS in interior design. Her knowledge in construction and space planning makes her an essential asset to our team. Keeping up with trends and studies helps her strive in the field. Her fun and get-it-done attitude are what will her build and maintain long-term client relationships.