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Founded in 2020, Dynamic North was born from a need for excellent representation in North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  The assembled team assists you with integrity, and elevates your design north of center.  We bring to light dynamic solutions from quality manufacturers.

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Trey Harris began his contract market career 18 years ago.  Whether supporting architects and designers, or assisting dealers with their clients' needs, Trey always brings that extra something. Creativity.  Energy.  Humor?  He definitely takes himself a lot less seriously than he takes his work.  And his skills at maintaining long-term client relationships may only be eclipsed by his innovative approach to marketing.  Regardless, Trey is always a trusted resource for A&D, dealers and end users alike. 

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Operations & Brand

Dynamic North is excited to introduce our newest dynamic team member! Elyse Hogan brings energy, excitement and new ideas to our all-star team. Her experience in customer service, the financial industry and media marketing make her a perfect fit. Her role at Dynamic North will be to assist in day-to-day operations as well as marketing/brand management. Elyse's passion for dark chocolate is only eclipsed by her love for her three children and husband. We're so glad Elyse is part of Dynamic North's growing team! 

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