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Countdown to NeoCon 2024

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June 3 Giveaway

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Welcome back Dynamic North VIP's! We're changing things up on you a little bit.


This week's giveaway is an original art piece by local Michigan artist Josie Ruiter, commissioned by Bold+. This original art piece is made from recycled Bold+ materials. 

Here's where we're changing things up.. to win this custom art, please send a picture of the barren space that you will put this art piece with your name, if we don't already have it, to (214)238-9554 to win it.

Link to BOLD+: HERE

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Have You Heard?
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Sponsored by:

Dynamic North Manufacturers will be at NeoCon!

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While you're in Chicago for NeoCon 2024, you might need a break from work! Below is a fun list of food and drink tours, places to eat, culturally enriching experiences, or just things to do and see, if you have the time. Click each link for more info.


Don't forget to stop by and see Dynamic North's manufacturers while you're at the Mart and Fulton Market.

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Around Town

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What's Happening


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Save the date: IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter is hosting an in person CEU June 26th at 5pm. Find out more info HERE.

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